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Location codes 301-320 of 407 in Republic of Korea (South Korea):

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
RK6H Camp Howze [H 108 Heliport], KR
RK1B Camp Libby [H 829 Heliport], KR
RK1C Camp Thompson [C 100 Heliport], KR
RK6O Chechon [G 605], KR
RK6Q Chong Dong Ri (Taejon) [Camp Ames (H 503 Heliport)], KR
RK4Y Dartboard [H 811 Heliport], KR
RK3B Deog So [G 290], KR
RK3J Fifth Rok Div [C 327 Heliport], KR
RK6D G 710, KR
RK6Y H 105 Heliport, KR
RK6N H 175 Heliport, KR
RK1A H 610 Heliport, KR
RK4W H 809 Heliport, KR
RK5B H 831 Heliport, KR
RK5D H 855 Heliport, KR
RK5A Hialeah Compound [H 830 Heliport], KR
RK6G Hill 436 [H 104 Heliport], KR
RK6M Hill 496 [H 173 Heliport], KR
RK6J Jsa Rear [H 127 Heliport], KR
RK6K Jsa [H 128 Heliport], KR

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