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Location codes 1-19 of 19 in Cambodia:

ICAO  IATA  Location
VDPP PNH Phnom Penh [Intl (Pochentong Intl)], Phnom Penh, KH
VDSR REP Siem Reap [Intl], Siem Reap, KH
VDSV KOS Sihanouk City (Sihanoukville, Kompong Som) [Sihanouk Intl], Sihanoukville, KH
VDKK KKZ Koh Kong [Koh Kong Airport], Koh Kong, KH
VDSA SAI Siem Reap [Siem Reap-Angkor Intl], Siem Reap, KH
VDRK RBE Ban Lung [Ratanakiri Airport], Ratanakiri, KH
VDBG BBM Battambang [Battambang Airport], Battambang, KH
VDKT KTI Kra Tie (Kratiť) [Kra Tie Airport], Kratiť, KH
VDKH KZC Kampong Chhnang, Kampong Chhnang, KH
VDST TNX Stung Treng [Stung Treng Airport], Stung Treng, KH
VDPV OMY Thbeng Meanchey [Preah Vinhear Airport], Preah Vihear, KH
KZK Kampong Thom [Kampong Thom Airport], Kampong Thom, KH
VDKC Kampong Cham [Kampong Cham Airport], Kampong Cham, KH
VDSY KZD Krakor [Krakor Airport], Pursat, KH
PAI Pailin [Pailin Airport], Pailin, KH
KMT Kampot [Kampot Airport], Kampot, KH
VDMK MWV Senmonorom [Mondulkiri Airport], Mondolkiri, KH
VDPT Pongtuk, KH
VDVS Voeune Sai, KH



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