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Location codes 1-20 of 29 in Israel:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
LLBG TLV Tel Aviv [Ben-Gurion Intl], IL
LLSD SDV Tel Aviv (Yafo) [Sde Dov (Dov Hoz)], IL
LLER ETM Eilat [Ramon Intl], IL
LLET ETH Eilat [Eilat Airport (J. Hozman Airport)], IL
LLOV VDA Eilat [Ovda Intl], IL
LLJR JRS Jerusalem [Intl (Atarot Airport)], IL
LLHA HFA Haifa [Haifa Intl (Uri Michaeli Airport)], IL
LLEY EIY Ein Yahav, IL
LLMZ MTZ Masada (Metzada) [I Bar Yehuda], IL
LLIB RPN Rosh Pina [Rosh Pina (Ben Ya'akov)], IL
LLNV VTM Nevatim [Nevatim AB], IL
LLBS BEV Beer Sheba [Teyman], IL
LLEK Rehovot [Tel Nof AB (Ekron Field)], IL
LLHB Beersheba (Be'er Sheva) [Hatzerim AB], IL
LLKS KSW Kiryat Shmona, IL
LLRD Ramat David, IL
LLMG Megiddo, IL
LLRM MIP Mitzpeh Ramon [Ramon AB (Matred)], IL
LLFK Fik (Fiq) [Fik Airfield], IL
SED Sedom [Min'hat Hashnayim], IL

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