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Location codes 121-140 of 144 in Honduras:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
MHGC Grupo Carnol [Grupo Carnol Airport], Olancho, HN
MHCT Puerto Castilla, Colón, HN
MHTL Talanguita [Talanguita Airport], Francisco Morazán, HN
MHHG Hacienda Galeras [Hacienda Galeras Airport], Olancho, HN
MHBC Santa Barbara [Santa Barbara Airport], Choluteca, HN
MHNA Ciudad Nacaome [Ciudad Nacaome Airport], Choluteca, HN
MHPU Puerto Cortés, Cortés, HN
MHLP Mapulaca [Mapulaca Airport], Lempira, HN
MHEA El Arrayan [El Arrayan Airport], Yoro, HN
MHCG Comayagua, Comayagua, HN
VTA Victoria, Comayagua, HN
MHGA Chumbagua [Chumbagua Airport], Santa Bárbara, HN
MHPY Payasito [Payasito Airport], Colón, HN
MHGB Guayabillas [Guayabillas Airport], Comayagua, HN
MHIZ Izapan [Izapan Airport], Colón, HN
MHTM Santa Maria [Santa Maria Airport], La Paz, HN
MHBA Barbareta [Barbareta Airport], Islas de la Bahía, HN
MHAG Sur Agropecuaria [Sur Agropecuaria Airport], Choluteca, HN
MHZA Azacualpa [Azacualpa Airport], Intibucá, HN
MHPE El Progreso, Yoro, HN

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