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Location codes 61-80 of 144 in Honduras:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
MHWA Wampusirpi I [Wampusirpi I Airport], Gracias a Dios, HN
MHLJ Las Lajas [Las Lajas Airport], Olancho, HN
MHAU Hacienda Ulua [Hacienda Ulua Airport], Olancho, HN
MHTE TEA Tela, Atlántida, HN
MHVG Villa Guadalupe [Villa Guadalupe Airport], Santa Bárbara, HN
MHSA San Luis [San Luis Airport], Comayagua, HN
MHGG Santiago de Puringla [Santiago de Puringla Airport], La Paz, HN
MHNV Nuevo Ocotepeque [Nuevo Ocotepeque Airport], Ocotepeque, HN
MHUL SCD Sulaco [Sulaco Airport], Comayagua, HN
MHCI Chiquerito [Chiquerito Airport], Colón, HN
MHLS Laguna Seca [Laguna Seca Airport], Olancho, HN
MHOT Ocotales [Ocotales Airport], Colón, HN
MHCB Cocobila [Cocobila Airport], Gracias a Dios, HN
MHSX Sixatigni [Sixatigni Airport], Gracias a Dios, HN
MHOR Mocoron [Mocoron Airport], Gracias a Dios, HN
MHSB Santa Bárbara [Santa Bárbara Airport], Santa Bárbara, HN
MHWR Warunta [Warunta Airport], Gracias a Dios, HN
MHSF San Fernando [San Fernando Airport], El Paraíso, HN
MHTI Tipimutara [Tipimutara Airport], Gracias a Dios, HN
MHGU EDQ Erandique [Erandique Airport (Gualguire Airport)], Lempira, HN

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