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Location codes 41-60 of 144 in Honduras:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
MHMO San Marcos de Ocotepeque [San Marcos De Ocotepeque Airport], Ocotepeque, HN
MHMS Las Marias [Las Marias Airport], Gracias a Dios, HN
MHHE La Herradura [La Herradura Airport], Olancho, HN
MHRY Raya [Raya Airport], Gracias a Dios, HN
MHGY Guayape [Guayape Airport], Olancho, HN
MHOU La Unión [La Unión Airport], Lempira, HN
MHWW Wawina [Wawina Airport], Gracias a Dios, HN
MHLA La Alondra [La Alondra Airport], Lempira, HN
MHUC Auca [Auca Airport], Gracias a Dios, HN
MHCS CYL Coyoles [Coyoles Airport], Yoro, HN
MHCA CAA Catacamas, Olancho, HN
MHWS Wasma [Wasma Airport], Gracias a Dios, HN
MHHS Hacienda San Lazaro [Hacienda San Lazaro Airport], Santa Bárbara, HN
MHWA Wampusirpi I [Wampusirpi I Airport], Gracias a Dios, HN
MHYR ORO Yoro, Yoro, HN
MHSA San Luis [San Luis Airport], Comayagua, HN
MHGE Catacamas [El Aguacate Airport], Olancho, HN
MHPV El Porvenir (Sabá) [El Porvenir Airport], Colón, HN
(MHSR) (SDH) Santa Rosa de Copán [Santa Rosa de Copán Airport], Copán, HN (Airport is no longer in operation)
MHLJ Las Lajas [Las Lajas Airport], Olancho, HN

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