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Location codes 61-75 of 75 in Greenland:

ICAO  IATA  Location
BGAK QCU Akunnaaq (Akunaq) [Akunnaaq Heliport], Qaasuitsup, GL
BGAG AOQ Aappilattoq [Aappilattoq Heliport], Upernavik, Qaasuitsup, GL
BGMV Mestersvig, Northeast Greenland National Park, GL
BGIK QRY Ikerasaarsuk [Ikerasaarsuk Heliport], Qaasuitsup, GL
BGMO Moriussaq (Moriusaq) [Moriussaq Heliport], Qaasuitsup, GL
BGKA QPW Kangaatsiaq [Kangaatsiaq Heliport], Qaasuitsup, GL
BGIG QFI Iginniarfik [Iginniarfik Heliport], Qaasuitsup, GL
BGNK QMK Niaqornaarsuk [Niaqornaarsuk Heliport], Qaasuitsup, GL
QFT Qassiarsuk, Kujalleq, GL
QFX Igaliku [Igaliku Heliport], Kujalleq, GL
BGNL Nalunaq [Nalunaq Heliport], Kujalleq, GL
BGFH Paamiut, Sermersooq, GL
BGKD Kap Dan, GL
BGQK Kullorsuaq Djaevlens Tommelfinger, GL
BGUP Upernavik, GL

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