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Location codes 21-39 of 39 in Fiji:

ICAO  IATA  Location
NFNU BVF Bua [Dama], FJ
KVU Korolevu, Viti Levu, FJ
NFVL VTF Vatulele, FJ
NFFO PTF Malolo Lailai Island, FJ
NFMA MNF Mana Island, FJ
NFNO KXF Koro Island, FJ
NFNW KAY Wakaya Island, FJ
NFMO MFJ Moala, Moala Island, FJ
NFFR RBI Rabi Island, FJ
NFCS CST Castaway Island Resort, Qalito Island, FJ
NFNV VAU Vatukoula, FJ
NFKB Kaibu Island, FJ
NFCN Malolo Island Resort (Club Naitasi Resort), Malolo Island, FJ
NTA Natadola, FJ
AQS Saqani, FJ
NFRS Treasure Island, FJ
NFBC Beachcomber Island, FJ
NFHO Caaf Ho Nandi, FJ
NFNT Newtown Beach, FJ

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