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Location codes 41-60 of 72 in Ethiopia:

ICAO  IATA  Location
HAHU HUE Humera [Humera Airport], Tigray, ET
HASH Sheik Hussein, Oromia, ET
HAAW Awash, Afar, ET
HAFN FNH Fincha [Fincha Airport], Oromia, ET
MZX Mena, Oromia, ET
HAGH GNN Ghinnir (Ginir) [Ghinnir Airport], Oromia, ET
HAGR GOR Gore [Gore Airport], Oromia, ET
HASO ASO Asosa (Assosa) [Asosa Airport], Benshangul-Gumaz, ET
HAGL GLC Geladin (Geladi), Somali, ET
SHC Shire Indasilase (Indaselassie) [Shire Airport], Tigray, ET
HABU BCY Bulchi (Bulki] [Bulchi Airport], SNNPR, ET
HANK NEK Nekemte [Nekemte Airport], Oromia, ET
HAAD Adaba [Adaba Airport], Oromia, ET
HIL Shilabo (Shillavo), Somali, ET
MHJ Misrak Gashamo, Somali, ET
MKD Chagni, Amara, ET
HAKL LFO Kelafo (Callaf) [Kelafo East], Somali, ET
MYS Moyale, Oromia, ET
AWH Awareh, Somali, ET
HAIM Imi, Somali, ET

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