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Location codes 41-60 of 65 in Egypt:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
HE26 Wadi Abu Shihat, Al Bahr al Ahmar, EG
HE25 El Minya, Al Minya, EG
HE19 Alam Barghut [As Sallum], Matruh, EG
HE44 Al Ismailiyah, Al Ismailiuah, EG
HE32 Al Mansurah, Ad Daqahliyah, EG
HE39 As Salihiyah, Ash Sharqiyah, EG
HE28 El Birijat [Gebel El Basur], Al Buhayrah, EG
HE14 Ras Banas, Al Bahr al Ahmar, EG
HE38 Wadi Abu Rish, Al Bahr al Ahmar, EG
HE31 Malan Frein, Matruh, EG
HE18 Habata, Matruh, EG
HE45 Ras Sudr, Janub Sina, EG
HE17 Bir Abu Rahal, Al Bahr al Ahmar, EG
HE23 Daraw, Aswan, EG
HE30 Kom Awshim, Al Fayyum, EG
HE41 Misheifa, Matruh, EG
HE37 Bilbays, Ash Sharqiyah, EG
HE35 Abu Suwayr, Al Ismailiuah, EG
HE12 Inshas, Ash Sharqiyah, EG
HE33 Deir El Gill, Matruh, EG

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