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Location codes 41-53 of 53 in Dominican Republic:

ICAO  IATA  Location
MDEV El Valle, DO
MDFP La Vega El Ponton, DO
MDGM Santo Domingo Granja Mora, DO
MDIA La Vega Induveca, DO
MDIG Quisqueya [Ingenio Quisqueya Airport], DO
MDLI La Isabela, DO
MDLS Monte Kristi, DO
MDMB Mata Bonita, DO
MDSA San Juan de la Maguana, DO
MDSO Santo Domingo Sociedad Dominicana, DO
MDTD Monte Plata Tatum Dominicana, DO
MDVA La Caleta [La Calata Airport (Vista Alegre Airport)], DO
MDVV Villa Vasquez, DO

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