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Location codes 201-220 of 546 in Germany:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
EDLT Münster/Telgte, North Rhine-Westphalia, DE
EDBP Pinnow, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, DE
EDCA Anklam, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, DE
ETSH Holzdorf, Brandenburg, DE
EDLH Hamm-Lippewiesen, North Rhine-Westphalia, DE
EDHC Lüchow [Rehbeck], Lower Saxony, DE
ETOY Leighton Barracks [AHP], Bavaria, DE
EDLS Stadtlohn Vreden, North Rhine-Westphalia, DE
EDLX Wesel-Roemerwardt, North Rhine-Westphalia, DE
ETSE Erding [Erding Air Depot], Bavaria, DE
EDWC Damme [Flugplatz Damme], Lower Saxony, DE
EDVY Porta Westfalica [Flugplatz Porta], North Rhine-Westphalia, DE
EDHF Itzehof [Hungriger Wolf], Schleswig-Holstein, DE
EDMD Dachau [Gröbenried], Bavaria, DE
ETME Langstedt (Eggebek), Schleswig-Holstein, DE
EDLA Arnsberg Menden, North Rhine-Westphalia, DE
EDNX Oberschleißheim [Schleissheim Airfield], Bavaria, DE
ETHB Bückeburg, Lower Saxony, DE
EDLR Paderborn-Haxterberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, DE
EDLY Borken-Hoxfeld, North Rhine-Westphalia, DE

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