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Location codes 61-80 of 142 in Costa Rica:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
MRTL Nicoya [Talolinga], Guanacaste, CR
MRLY Parrita [La Yolanda], Puntarenas, CR
MRSX Sixaola [Sixaola], Limón, CR
MRBM Guacimo [Bremen], Limón, CR
MRPM PMZ Palmar [Palmar Sur], Puntarenas, CR
MREC El Carmen de Siquirres, Limón, CR
MRRF RFR Rio Frio, Heredia, CR
MRHS Pococi [Hacienda La Suerte], Limón, CR
MRLZ Guanacaste [La Zopilota], Guanacaste, CR
MRFS Finca 63 (Coto 63), Puntarenas, CR
MRFP San Carlos [Frutex-Pital], Alajuela, CR
MRLT Las Trancas, Guanacaste, CR
MRLG Upala [La Garroba], Alajuela, CR
MRPC Paso Canoas [Paso Canoas Airport], Puntarenas, CR
MRPB Playa Blanca [J.W. Berteus], Puntarenas, CR
MRAD Quepos [Aerodamas], Puntarenas, CR
MRSB San Carlos [San Cristobal], Alajuela, CR
MRRA Santa Cruz [Harry Both], Guanacaste, CR
MRHH San Carlos [Hacienda Homuha], Alajuela, CR
MRDC Duacari 2, Limón, CR

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