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Location codes 41-60 of 214 in Colombia:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
SKVP VUP Valledupar [Alfonso López Pumarejo Airport], Cesar, CO
SKAS PUU Puerto Asís [Tres de Mayo Airport], Putumayo, CO
SKTU TRB Turbo [Gonzalo Mejía Airport], Antioquia, CO
SKMZ MZL Manizales [La Nubia Airport (Santaguida)], Caldas, CO
SKTJ Tunja [Tunja Airport (Gustavo Rojas Pinilla Airport)], Boyacá, CO
SKSF Santa Fé de Antioquia [Santa Fé de Antioquia Airport], Antioquia, CO
SKYP EYP El Yopal [El Alcaraván Airport (El Yopal Airport)], Casanare, CO
SKSV SVI San Vicente del Caguán [Eduardo Falla Solano Airport], Caquetá, CO
SKOT OTU Remedios [Otú Airport], Antioquia, CO
SKMB TBD Timbiquí [Timbiquí Airport], Cauca, CO
SKCO TCO Tumaco [La Florida Airport], Nariño, CO
LMX El Trapiche [López de Micay Airport], Cauca, CO
SKIP IPI Ipiales (Aldana) [San Luis Airport], Nariño, CO
SKRU SNT SK55 Sabana de Torres [Las Cruces Airport], Santander, CO
SKPD PDA Puerto Inirida [Obando Airport], Guainía, CO
SKOL Puerto López [La Reforma Airport], Meta, CO
SKCI CCO Puerto López [Carimagua], Meta, CO
BAC Barranca de Upía [Guadalito Airport], Meta, CO
SJH San Juan del Cesar, La Guajira, CO
SKGO CRC Cartago [Santa Ana], Valle del Cauca, CO

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