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Location codes 141-160 of 423 in China:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
ZYK Shekou [Shekou Port Ferry Terminal], Guangdong, CN
ZLDH DNH Dunhuang, Gansu, CN
ZULZ LZO Luzhou, Sichuan, CN
ZHNY NNY Nanyang, Henan, CN
ZSWY WUS Wuyishan [Nanping Wuyishan Airport], Fujian, CN
XHO Dongguan [City Bus Station], Guangdong, CN
ZHXY XAI Xinyang (Minggang) [Xinyang Minggang Airport (Minggang AB)], Henan, CN
ZLYN Xi'an Yanliang, Shaanxi, CN
ZYQQ NDG Qiqihar [Qiqihar Sanjiazi Airport], Heilongjiang, CN
ZBLF LFQ Linfen [Linfen Qiaoli Airport], Shanxi, CN
ZSRZ RIZ ZS03 Rizhao [Rizhao Shanzihe Airport], Shandong, CN
ZUKJ KJH Kaili [Kaili Huangping Airport], Guizhou, CN
ZUDX DAX Dazhou (Dachuan) [Dazhou Heshi Airport (Daxian Airport)], Sichuan, CN
ZUBJ BFJ Bijie [Bijie Feixiong Airport], Guizhou, CN
ZSBB BFU Bengbu, Anhui, CN
ZGBS AEB Baise (Bose) [Baise Bama Airport (Baise Youjiang Airport, Tianyang Airport)], Guangxi, CN
ZYJM JMU Jiamusi [Jiamusi Dongjiao Airport], Heilongjiang, CN
ZYJZ JNZ Jinzhou [Jinzhou Bay Airport], Liaoning, CN
ZSSR SQD Shangrao [Shangrao Sanqingshan Airport], Jiangxi, CN
ZUTR TEN Tongren (Daxing), Guizhou, CN

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