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Location codes 21-40 of 286 in Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire):

ICAO  IATA  Location
FZFP KLI Kotakoli (Kota Koli) [Kotakoli Airport (Kotakoli AB)], Équateur, CD
FZNP BNC Beni [Beni Airport], Nord-Kivu, CD
FZFW Gwaka, Équateur, CD
FZFD BDT Gbadolite [Gbadolite Airport], Équateur, CD
FZEA MDK Mbandaka [Mbandaka Airport], Équateur, CD
FZKA BUX Bunia [Bunia Airport], Orientale, CD
FZCV MSM Masi Manimba, Bandundu, CD
FZEM Yembe Moke, Bandundu, CD
FZAR NKL Nkolo Fuma, Bas-Congo, CD
FZCA KKW Kikwit [Kikwit Airport], Bandundu, CD
FZQM KWZ Kolwezi [Kolwezi Airport], Katanga, CD
FZBI NIO Nioki [Nioki Airport], Bandundu, CD
FZBT KRZ Kiri [Basango Mboliasa Airport], Bandundu, CD
FZWE Mwene-Ditu, Kasai-Occidental, CD
FZFA LIE Libenge, Équateur, CD
FZBJ Mushie, Bandundu, CD
FZBK Boshwe, Bandundu, CD
FZBD Oshwe, Bandundu, CD
FZOT Phibraki, CD
FZDT Matari, Bandundu, CD

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