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Location codes 241-260 of 286 in Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire):

ICAO  IATA  Location
FZCN Lunkuni, Bandundu, CD
FZUS Tshikaji, Kasai-Occidental, CD
FZSE Kanene, Katanga, CD
FZGB Bosondjo, Équateur, CD
FZVG Katako'kombe, Kasai-Oriental, CD
FZBV Kempile, Bandundu, CD
FZKP Bondo, Orientale, CD
FZCT Fatundu, Bandundu, CD
FZDM Masamuna, Bandundu, CD
FZDJ Mutena, Kasai-Occidental, CD
FZNR Rwindi, CD
FZIF Ubundu, Orientale, CD
FZVK Lukombe-Batwa, Kasai-Occidental, CD
FZQN Mutshatsha, Katanga, CD
FZDL Kolokoso, Bandundu, CD
FZFR Mombongo, Orientale, CD
FZUU Lutshatsha, Kasai-Occidental, CD
FZGI Yalingimba, Équateur, CD
FZGC Bolila, Orientale, CD
FZUL Bulape, Kasai-Occidental, CD

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