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Location codes 181-200 of 286 in Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire):

ICAO  IATA  Location
FZVF Kutusongo, Kasai-Oriental, CD
FZTL Luena, Katanga, CD
FZBB Bongimba, Bandundu, CD
FZAU Konde, Bas-Congo, CD
FZJF Aba, Orientale, CD
FZGX Monkoto, Équateur, CD
FZRE Bukena, Katanga, CD
FZKF Kilomines, Orientale, CD
FZRK Kansimba, Katanga, CD
FZJK Faradje, Orientale, CD
FZQI Kamatanda, Katanga, CD
FZJD Doruma, Orientale, CD
FZFS Karawa, Équateur, CD
FZMW Shabunda, Sud-Kivu, CD
FZOS Kasese, CD
FZBH Isongo, Bandundu, CD
FZDU Kimpangu, Bas-Congo, CD
FZSI Dilolo, Katanga, CD
FZQF Fungurume, Katanga, CD
FZFB Imesse, Équateur, CD

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