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Location codes 61-80 of 278 in Bolivia:

ICAO  IATA  Location
SLIC Coroico [Coroico Airport], La Paz, BO
SLSG Sipuati [San Miguel de Gaser Airport], El Beni, BO
SLCT Cabias (Choreti) [Cabias Airport], Mamoré, El Beni, BO
SLJA Jatata [Jatata Airport], Madre de Dios, Pando, BO
SLVT La Vertiente [La Vertiente Airport], Tesoro, Tarija, BO
SLVG VAH Vallegrande [Capitán Av. Vidal Villagomez Toledo], Vallegrande, Santa Cruz, BO
SLHB La Habana [La Habana Airport], Cercado, El Beni, BO
SLEV El Salvador [El Salvador Airport], José Ballivián, El Beni, BO
SLJO SJB San Joaquin [San Joaquin Airport], Mamoré, El Beni, BO
SLED El Dorado [El Dorado Airport], Iturralde, La Paz, BO
SLKH Puerto Heath [Puerto Heath Airport], Iturralde, La Paz, BO
SLIX Ixiamas [Ixiamas Airport], Iturralde, La Paz, BO
SLVA Villa Aroma [Villa Aroma Airport], Aroma, La Paz, BO
SLUN Uncia [Uncia Airport], Bustillos, Potosí, BO
SLSN Sanandita [Sanandita Airport], Gran Chaco, Tarija, BO
SLJN San Juan [San Juan Airport], Cercado, El Beni, BO
SLTL Toldos [Toldos Airport], Nor Lípez, Potosí, BO
SLEA El Cocal [El Cocal Airport], Yacuma, El Beni, BO
SLEE El Escondido [El Escondido Airport], Tesoro, Gran Chaco, Tarija, BO
SLUK Curahuara de Carangas [Curahuara de Carangas Airport], Oruro, BO

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