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Location codes 101-120 of 896 in Australia:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
YWAV WAV Wave Hill [Kalkgurung], Northern Territory, AU
YKSC KGC Kingscote, Kangaroo Island, South Australia, AU
YCDU CED Ceduna, South Australia, AU
YCMU CMA Cunnamulla, Queensland, AU
YPLC PLO Port Lincoln, South Australia, AU
YCBG Hobart [Cambridge], Tasmania, AU
YBDV BVI Birdsville, Queensland, AU
YMER MIM Merimbula, New South Wales, AU
YCOM OOM Cooma [Cooma-Snowy Mountains Airport], New South Wales, AU
YPTN KTR Katherine [Tindal], Northern Territory, AU
YEML EMD Emerald, Queensland, AU
YWDV MFL Wando Vale (Basalt) [Mount Full Stop Airport (Wandovale Airport)], Queensland, AU
YNMN NMP New Moon [New Moon Airport], Queensland, AU
YBLN BQB Busselton [Busselton Regional Airport], Western Australia, AU
YRTI RTS Rottnest Island, Western Australia, AU
YBGB BEE Beagle Bay, Western Australia, AU
YGEL GET Geraldton, Western Australia, AU
YLEC LGH Leigh Creek, South Australia, AU
YNWN ZNE Newman, Western Australia, AU
YQNS UEE Queenstown, Tasmania, AU

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