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Location codes 41-60 of 905 in Australia:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
YMMB MBW Melbourne (Moorabbin) [Moorabbin Airport], Victoria, AU
YLRS LUT Laura Station (New Laura), Queensland, AU
YWLM NTL Newcastle [Williamtown Airport], New South Wales, AU
YBMK MKY Mackay, Queensland, AU
YBAF Brisbane [Archerfield], Queensland, AU
KAH Melbourne [The Melbourne Heliport], Victoria, AU
YPLM LEA Learmonth (Exmouth), Western Australia, AU
YRPA Camperdown (Sydney) [Royal Prince Alfred Hospital], New South Wales, AU
YLMQ BEO Newcastle (Lake Macquarie, Marks Point) [Lake Macquarie Aerodrome (Aeropelican, Belmont Airport)], New South Wales, AU
YMET South Perth [Melville Water Aerodrome], Western Australia, AU
YPKA KTA Dampier [Karratha], Western Australia, AU
YHBA HVB Hervey Bay, Queensland, AU
YCFS CFS Coffs Harbour [Coffs Harbour Regional Airport], New South Wales, AU
YCAR CVQ Carnarvon, Western Australia, AU
YMGR MGV Margaret River Station [Margaret River Station Airport], Western Australia, AU
YPMQ PQQ Port Macquarie, New South Wales, AU
YTMO PHQ Phosphate Hill [The Monument Airport], Queensland, AU
YTGT GTS The Granites, Northern Territory, AU
YGEL GET Geraldton, Western Australia, AU
YNMN NMP New Moon [New Moon Airport], Queensland, AU

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