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Location codes 181-200 of 896 in Australia:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
YSCN CDU Camden, New South Wales, AU
YMBA MRG Mareeba, Queensland, AU
YPAM PMK Palm Island, Queensland, AU
YORV ODR Ord River, Western Australia, AU
YMPA MIN Minnipa, South Australia, AU
YNTN NTN Normanton, Queensland, AU
YECH ECH Echuca, Victoria, AU
YMND MTL Maitland, New South Wales, AU
YGLB GUL Goulburn, New South Wales, AU
YSOL SLJ Solomon [Solomon Airport], Western Australia, AU
YESE ERQ Cloncurry [Elrose Mine Aerodrome], Queensland, AU
YBKT BUC Burketown, Queensland, AU
YKMP KPS Kempsey, New South Wales, AU
YDGA DGD Daggar Hills [Dalgaranga Gold Mine], Western Australia, AU
YDBY DRB Derby, Western Australia, AU
YLIS LSY Lismore, New South Wales, AU
YSCO NSO Scone, New South Wales, AU
YGFN GFN Grafton, New South Wales, AU
YMRB MOV Moranbah, Queensland, AU
YSHT SHT Shepparton, Victoria, AU

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