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Location codes 81-97 of 97 in Austria:

ICAO  IATA  Location
LOIB Kitzbuhel Horlahof, AT
LOIS Wattens Swarowski, AT
LOKB Bad Kleinkirchheim, AT
LOKC Ferlach Glock, AT
LOKD Villach Foderlach, AT
LOKE Hermagor KH, AT
LOKI Wietersdorf, AT
LOKK Hallegg Klagenfurt Schloss, AT
LOKO Goldeck Talstation, AT
LOKR St. Donat Mairsit, AT
LOKS St. Andra im Lavanttal, AT
LOKV Volkermarkt Febau, AT
LOKZ Zwathof, AT
LOSJ St. Johann Pongau, AT
LOSK Koppl, AT
LOSS Schwarzach KH, AT

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