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Location codes 61-80 of 97 in Austria:

ICAO  IATA  Location
LOGF Fürstenfeld, Steiermark, AT
LOAD Völtendorf [Völtendorf Airport], Niederösterreich, AT
LOAT Eisenstadt [Trausdorf], Burgenland, AT
LOGM Mariazell [Mariazell Airport], Steiermark, AT
LOLM Micheldorf, Oberösterreich, AT
LOLC Scharnstein, Oberösterreich, AT
LOKQ Nikolsdorf [Christophorus 7], Tirol, AT
LOLF Freistadt, Oberösterreich, AT
QLX Lauterach, Vorarlberg, AT
LOGP Pinkafeld [Pinkafeld Airport], Burgenland, AT
LOAA Ottenschlag, Niederösterreich, AT
LOGI Trieben, Steiermark, AT
LOLE Eferding, Oberösterreich, AT
LOIW Waidring, Tirol, AT
LOAI Wiener Neustadt [Isovolt], Niederösterreich, AT
LODO Oberwart [Christophorus 16], Burgenland, AT
LOIB Kitzbuhel Horlahof, AT
LOIS Wattens Swarowski, AT
LOXG Graz [Intl (Thalerhof)], Steiermark, AT (Alias for LOWG)
LOXK Klagenfurt [Kärnten Airport (Woerthersee Intl)], Kärnten, AT (Code changed to LOWK)

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