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Location codes 181-200 of 212 in Argentina:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
SA03 Villa Minetti, AR
SA11 Campo Arenal, AR
SA48 Rafaela, AR
SA06 Saladillo [Santa Rita], AR
SA36 Saladillo, AR
SA12 Quemu Quemu, AR
SA02 Cafayate, AR
SA39 Jujuy Aeroclub, AR
SA07 Buta Ranquil [El Porton], AR
SA26 Bella Vista, AR
SA18 Loncopue, AR
SA45 Frias, AR
SA23 Apostoles, AR
SA24 Calilegua, AR
SA22 Santa Victoria, AR
SA35 Andalgala, AR
SA42 Santa Maria, AR
SADD Don Torcuato [Don Torcuato Aerodrome], Buenos Aires, AR (Code changed to SADD.OLD)
SABC Buenos Aires [Edificio Cóndor], Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, AR
SABG Buenos Aires [Gendarmería Nacional], Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, AR

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