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Location codes 1-18 of 18 in Antarctica:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
YCSK Casey Station [Casey Station Skiway], Wilkes Land, AQ
NZTB Terra Nova Bay [Mario Zucchelli Station], AQ
YWKS Casey Station [Wilkins Aerodrome], Upper Peterson Glacier, Wilkes Land, AQ
NZSP Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station [Jack F. Paulus Skiway], AQ
EGAH Halley Research Station (Halley VI Research Station), Brunt Ice Shelf, AQ
NZWD McMurdo Station [Williams Field], Ross Island, AQ
EGAR Rothera Point [Rothera Research Station], Adelaide Island, British Antarctic Territory, AQ
SAWB Base Marambio, Seymour Island, AQ
NZIR McMurdo Station [Ice Runway], Ross Island, AQ
NZFX McMurdo Station [Phoenix Field], Ross Island, AQ
NZPG McMurdo Station [Pegasus Field], Ross Island, AQ
AT27 Norwegian Polar Institute [Troll Airfield], Queen Maud Land, AQ
AT17 Novolazarevskaya Station [ALCI Airbase], Queen Maud Land, AQ
AT24 Sky-Blu [Sky Blu Logistics Facility], Eastern Ellsworth Land, AQ
NZ12 Palmer Station, Anvers Island, AQ
GC0079 Marble Point [Marble Point Heliport (Marble Point Refueling Station)], AQ
SA47 Petrel, AQ
GC0120 White Desert [Wolf's Fang Runway], AQ



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