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Location codes 1-15 of 15 in Bern, Switzerland:

ICAO  IATA  Location
LSZB BRN Bern (Berne) [Bern-Belp], Bern, CH
ZHR Kandersteg [Off-line Pt], Bern, CH
LSTS St. Stephan [St. Stephan Airport], Bern, CH
LSGK Saanen/Gstaad [Saanen Airport], Bern, CH
LSMI ZIN Interlaken (Matten), Bern, CH
LSZW Thun, Bern, CH
LSMM Meiringen [Meiringen-Unterbach AB], Bern, CH
LSGR Reichenbach, Bern, CH
LSZP Biel-Kappelen, Bern, CH
LSPL Langenthal [Bleienbach], Bern, CH
LSZJ Courtelary, Bern, CH
ZDJ Berne [Railway Station], Bern, CH
LSXL Lauterbrunnen [Lauterbrunnen Heliport], Bern, CH
LSTZ Zweisimmen, Bern, CH
LSXG Gsteigwiler [Gsteigwiler Heliport], Bern, CH



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