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ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
ZPCW CWJ Cangyuan [Washan Airport], Cangyuan Va Autonomous County, Lincang, Yunnan, CN
PS92 Lebanon [VA Medical Center Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
FA75 Orlando [Orlando Va Medical Center Heliport], Florida, US
0CA2 West Los Angeles [VA Greater Los Angeles Health Care Center Heliport], California, US
LA82 Alexandria [VA Medical Center Heliport], Louisiana, US
58IS Marion [VA Medical Center Heliport], Illinois, US
MU58 Kansas City [VA Medical Center Heliport], Missouri, US
CN02 San Francisco [San Francisco Va Medical Center Heliport], California, US
WV05 Martinsburg [VA Medical Center Heliport], West Virginia, US
2WV2 Clarksburg [Louis A Johnson Va Medical Center Heliport], West Virginia, US
3WV2 Huntington [VA Medical Center Heliport], West Virginia, US
0VA6 Richmond [McGuire VA Medical Center Pad], Virginia, US
OI21 Chillicothe [VA Hospital Heliport], Ohio, US
30ME Augusta [Togus Va LZ Heliport], Maine, US
TS57 Wharton [Giles Va Ranch Airport], Texas, US
SN01 Leavenworth [Dwight Eisenhower Va Medical Center Heliport], Kansas, US
GMMN CMN Casablanca [Mohammed V Intl], Meknès-Tafilalet, MA
LFLL LYS Lyon [Lyon St-Exupéry Airport (Lyon Satolas Airport)], V, FR
LFLB CMF Chambéry [Chambéry Savoie Mont Blanc Airport (Aix-lès-Bains Airport)], V, FR
SAWH USH Ushuaia [Islas Malvinas Argentinas Intl], V, AR

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