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Location codes 1-11 of 11 for USCG:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
USCG Chelyabinsk [Shagol Airport], Chelyabinskaya, RU
TJBQ BQN BQN Aguadilla (Borinquen) [Rafael Hernández Airport (USCG Air Station Borinquen)], Puerto Rico, US
KFMH FMH FMH Falmouth [Cape Cod Coast Guard Air Station], Massachusetts, US
KEBY EBY Neah Bay [US Coast Guard Station Neah Bay Heliport], Washington, US
KECG ECG ECG Elizabeth City [Elizabeth City Coast Guard Air Station/Regional], North Carolina, US
ERO ERO Eldred Rock [Eldred Rock Coast Guard Heliport], Alaska, US
FIV 2AK3 Five Finger [Five Finger Coast Guard Heliport], Alaska, US
TX57 Port Isabel [U S Coast Guard Station Heliport], Texas, US
1AK0 Craig [Craig Coast Guard Heliport], Alaska, US
TRP Tree Point [Coast Guard Heliport], Alaska, US
LRK Lincoln Rock [Coast Guard], Alaska, US



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