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No exact matches. Location codes 1-14 of 14 similar to RJDU:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
VARK RAJ Rajkot, Gujarat, IN
WIBR RKI Sipora [Rokot Airport], Sumatera Barat, ID
KRKW RKW RKW Rockwood [Muni], Tennessee, US
13ME Rockwood [Socatean Bay Airport], Maine, US
MD82 Cambridge [Ragged Island Airport], Maryland, US
78MI South Rockwood [Carls Airport], Michigan, US
2SC5 Waterloo [Ridgewood Air Airport], South Carolina, US
WI22 Hortonville [Rocket City Airport], Wisconsin, US
ME22 Rockwood [Avery Field], Maine, US
3MT3 Ryegate [Three Cross Ranch Airport], Montana, US
32PA Chaneysville [Ragged Mountain Airport], Pennsylvania, US
11MO Williamsburg [Redgate Ranch Airport], Missouri, US
8U0 Ryegate, Montana, US
VERG Rayaguda, IN



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