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Location codes 121-140 of 159 near location 2842'06"N 13925'36"W omitting 200+ locations of other types (show all types):

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KBIL BIL BIL Billings [Billings Logan Intl], Montana, US (2050 mi / 3300 km NE)
PAGS GST GST Gustavus, Alaska, US (2060 mi / 3315 km N)
PAJN JNU JNU Juneau [Intl], Alaska, US (2060 mi / 3316 km N)
KCPR CPR CPR Casper [Casper/Natrona County Intl], Wyoming, US (2076 mi / 3340 km NE)
KLAR LAR LAR Laramie [Laramie Regional], Wyoming, US (2085 mi / 3356 km NE)
KROW ROW ROW Roswell [Roswell Intl Air Center (Walker AFB)], New Mexico, US (2085 mi / 3356 km E)
KBJC BJC BJC Denver [Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport], Colorado, US (2093 mi / 3369 km NE)
KSHR SHR SHR Sheridan [Sheridan County Airport], Wyoming, US (2093 mi / 3369 km NE)
KCOS COS COS Colorado Springs [City of Colorado Springs Muni (Peterson AFB)], Colorado, US (2102 mi / 3383 km NE)
PADQ ADQ ADQ Kodiak, Alaska, US (2103 mi / 3384 km N)
KCNM CNM CNM Carlsbad [Cavern City Air Terminal Airport], New Mexico, US (2103 mi / 3384 km E)
KFNL FNL FNL Fort Collins/Loveland [Northern Colorado Regional], Colorado, US (2106 mi / 3389 km NE)
KPUB PUB PUB Pueblo [Pueblo Memorial Airport], Colorado, US (2108 mi / 3392 km NE)
PASD SDP SDP Sand Point, Alaska, US (2115 mi / 3404 km NW)
KDEN DEN DEN Denver [Intl], Colorado, US (2116 mi / 3405 km NE)
KCYS CYS CYS Cheyenne [Cheyenne Regional/Jerry Olson Field], Wyoming, US (2127 mi / 3422 km NE)
PAYA YAK YAK Yakutat, Alaska, US (2127 mi / 3423 km N)
KGCC GCC GCC Gillette [Gillette-Campbell County Airport], Wyoming, US (2150 mi / 3461 km NE)
KHOB HOB HOB Hobbs [Lea County Regional], New Mexico, US (2163 mi / 3480 km E)
PACD CDB CDB Cold Bay, Alaska, US (2165 mi / 3485 km NW)

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