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Location codes 61-80 of 158 near location 2842'06"N 13925'36"W omitting 200+ locations of other types (show all types):

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KPRC PRC PRC Prescott [Prescott Regional - Ernest A Love Field], Arizona, US (1638 mi / 2636 km E)
KCDC CDC CDC Cedar City [Cedar City Regional], Utah, US (1639 mi / 2639 km NE)
KBOI BOI BOI Boise [Boise Air Terminal/Gowen Field], Idaho, US (1644 mi / 2645 km NE)
KBLI BLI BLI Bellingham [Intl], Washington, US (1651 mi / 2657 km NE)
KEAT EAT EAT Wenatchee [Pangborn Memorial Airport], Washington, US (1652 mi / 2659 km NE)
KPHX PHX PHX Phoenix [Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl], Arizona, US (1653 mi / 2660 km E)
KENV ENV ENV Wendover, Utah, US (1657 mi / 2667 km NE)
KALW ALW ALW Walla Walla [Walla Walla Regional], Washington, US (1660 mi / 2672 km NE)
KGCN GCN GCN Grand Canyon [Grand Canyon National Park Airport], Arizona, US (1666 mi / 2681 km NE)
KIWA AZA IWA Phoenix [Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (Williams Gateway)], Arizona, US (1673 mi / 2693 km E)
KMWH MWH MWH Moses Lake [Grant Co. Intl], Washington, US (1673 mi / 2693 km NE)
KFLG FLG FLG Flagstaff [Flagstaff Pulliam Airport], Arizona, US (1684 mi / 2711 km E)
KTWF TWF TWF Twin Falls [Joslin Field - Magic Valley Regional], Idaho, US (1685 mi / 2712 km NE)
KTUS TUS TUS Tucson [Intl], Arizona, US (1712 mi / 2755 km E)
KPGA PGA PGA Page [Muni], Arizona, US (1716 mi / 2762 km NE)
KLWS LWS LWS Lewiston [Lewiston-Nez Perce County Airport], Idaho, US (1720 mi / 2769 km NE)
KSUN SUN SUN Hailey/Sun Valley [Friedman Memorial Airport], Idaho, US (1726 mi / 2778 km NE)
KPUW PUW PUW Pullman/Moscow [Pullman/Moscow Regional], Washington, US (1732 mi / 2788 km NE)
KFHU FHU FHU Fort Huachuca/Sierra Vista [Sierra Vista Muni-Libby AAF], Arizona, US (1747 mi / 2812 km E)
KGEG GEG GEG Spokane [Intl], Washington, US (1755 mi / 2824 km NE)

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