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Location codes 21-40 of 156 near location 2842'06"N 13925'36"W omitting 200+ locations of other types (show all types):

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KCIC CIC CIC Chico [Muni], California, US (1259 mi / 2027 km NE)
PHNL HNL HNL Honolulu [Daniel K Inouye Intl], Oahu, Hawaii, US (1264 mi / 2035 km W)
KRDD RDD RDD Redding [Muni], California, US (1267 mi / 2039 km NE)
KFAT FAT FAT Fresno [Fresno Yosemite Intl], California, US (1272 mi / 2047 km NE)
KBFL BFL BFL Bakersfield (Oildale) [Meadows Field], California, US (1279 mi / 2058 km NE)
KLAX LAX LAX Los Angeles [Intl], California, US (1292 mi / 2079 km E)
KBUR BUR BUR Burbank [Bob Hope Airport], California, US (1298 mi / 2089 km E)
KLGB LGB LGB Long Beach [Long Beach Airport (Daugherty Field)], California, US (1305 mi / 2100 km E)
KOTH OTH OTH North Bend [Southwest Oregon Regional], Oregon, US (1319 mi / 2123 km NE)
KSNA SNA SNA Santa Ana [John Wayne Airport-Orange County], California, US (1319 mi / 2123 km E)
KMFR MFR MFR Medford [Rogue Valley Intl - Medford], Oregon, US (1321 mi / 2127 km NE)
PHLI LIH LIH Lihue [Lihue Airport], Kauai, Hawaii, US (1327 mi / 2135 km W)
KMMH MMH MMH Mammoth Lakes [Mammoth Yosemite Airport], California, US (1338 mi / 2154 km NE)
KONT ONT ONT Ontario [Intl], California, US (1339 mi / 2155 km E)
KRNO RNO RNO Reno [Reno/Tahoe Intl], Nevada, US (1346 mi / 2166 km NE)
KCRQ CLD CRQ Carlsbad [McClellan-Palomar Airport], California, US (1348 mi / 2169 km E)
KSAN SAN SAN San Diego [Intl], California, US (1350 mi / 2172 km E)
KLMT LMT LMT Klamath Falls [Crater Lake-Klamath Regional], Oregon, US (1358 mi / 2185 km NE)
KVCV VCV VCV Victorville [Southern California Logistics Airport], California, US (1358 mi / 2185 km NE)
KSBD SBD SBD San Bernardino [Intl], California, US (1360 mi / 2189 km E)

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