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Location codes 1-15 of 15 for Moscow, MOS, RU:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
UUEE SVO Moscow [Sheremetyevo Intl], MOS, RU
UUDD DME Moscow [Domodedovo Intl], MOS, RU
UUWW VKO Moscow [Vnukovo Intl], MOS, RU
MOW Moscow (Moskva) [Metro Area], MOS, RU
UUBW ZIA Moscow (Zhukovsky, Podmoskovnoye) [Zhukovsky Intl (Ramenskoye Intl)], MOS, RU
UUBB BKA Moscow [Bykovo Airport], MOS, RU
UUUS Moscow [Tushino], MOS, RU
UUMO OSF Moscow (Podolsk) [Ostafyevo Intl], MOS, RU
UUMU Moscow (Chalovsky, Star City), MOS, RU
UUUR Moscow [GKB 71 (City Clinical Hospital) Heliport], MOS, RU
UUUB Moscow [GKB 7 (City Clinical Hospital) Heliport], MOS, RU
UUBM Moscow [Myachkovo Airport], MOS, RU
UUUN Moscow [GKB 15 (City Clinical Hospital) Heliport], MOS, RU
UUUQ Moscow [GKB 20 (City Clinical Hospital) Heliport], MOS, RU
Moscow [Frunze Central Aerodrome (Khodynka Airfield, Tsentralny Airfield)], MOS, RU



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