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No exact matches. Location codes 1-20 of 72 similar to MPSM:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KCWA CWA CWA Mosinee [Central Wisconsin Airport], WI, US
KFTW FTW FTW Fort Worth [Fort Worth Meacham Intl], TX, US
VYTD SNW Thandwe (Sandoway) [Mazin], MM
KMCW MCW MCW Mason City [Muni], IA, US
PARS RSH RSH Russian Mission, AK, US
KMSS MSS MSS Massena [Intl-Richards Field], NY, US
CYMO YMO Moosonee, ON, CA
KLVM LVM LVM Livingston [Mission Field], MT, US
FQMP MZB Moçimboa de Praia, MZ
YDMG DMD Doomadgee Mission, Qld, AU
GAKM Ke-Macina, ML
SVM St. Paul's Mission, Moa (Clarke) Island, Torres Strait Islands, Qld, AU
YAUR AUU Aurukun Mission, Qld, AU
LICF QME Messina, Sicily, IT
RPSM Maasin, Leyte Island, PH
WAWM MXB Masamba [Andi Jemma], ID
FAMW MZF Mzamba [Wild Coast Sun], ZA
AYMS MIS Misima Island, MBA, PG
PFKT KTS KTS Brevig Mission (Teller Mission) [Brevig Mission Airport], AK, US

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