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ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
EICB CLB Castlebar, County Mayo, Connacht, IE
EIBT BLY Belmullet, County Mayo, Connacht, IE
SKAS PUU Puerto Asís [Tres de Mayo Airport], Putumayo, CO
SAWM ROY Río Mayo, Chubut, AR
MZMF CYD San Ignacio [San Ignacio Town Airstrip (Maya Flats Airstrip)], Cayo, BZ
NZUA Maui A [Heliport], NZ
VNKD Khani Danda (Diktel) [Man Maya Airport], SA, NP
UEMU UMS Ust'-Maya [Ust'-Maya Airport], Sakha (Yakutiya), RU
SIMQ Corumbá [Fazenda Dois de Maio], Mato Grosso do Sul, BR
SIMZ Sonora [Fazenda Primeiro de Maio], Mato Grosso do Sul, BR
SIYR Itaituba [Fazenda Rosa de Maio], Pará, BR
0MN1 New Prague [Mayo Clinic Health System - New Prague Heliport], Minnesota, US
HI50 Lahaina [Hyatt Regency Maui Hotel Heliport], Maui, Hawaii, US
33FD Mayo [R O Ranch Airport], Florida, US
22HI Wailuku [Maui Memorial Medical Heliport], Maui, Hawaii, US
99MN Rochester [Mayo Clinic - St. Marys Hospital Heliport], Minnesota, US
WS38 Eau Claire [Mayo Clinic Health System-Eau Claire Heliport], Wisconsin, US
30MN Albert Lea [Mayo Clinic Health System - Albert Lea Heliport], Minnesota, US
ME43 Dover-Foxcroft [Northern Light Mayo Hospital Heliport], Maine, US
78WI Osseo [Mayo Clinic Health System-Oakridge Heliport], Wisconsin, US

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