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ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
HLLQ LAQ Bayda (Beida) [Al Abraq Intl (La Braq Intl)], LY
02PA Monroeville [Lag III Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
KSLC SLC SLC Salt Lake City [Intl], Utah, US
LKE W55 Seattle [Kenmore Air Harbor SPB (Seattle Lake Union SPB)], Washington, US
KMWH MWH MWH Moses Lake [Grant Co. Intl], Washington, US
PALH LHD Anchorage [Lake Hood SPB], Alaska, US
KSLK SLK SLK Saranac Lake [Adirondack Regional], New York, US
KTVL TVL TVL South Lake Tahoe [Lake Tahoe Airport], California, US
KLMT LMT LMT Klamath Falls [Crater Lake-Klamath Regional], Oregon, US
KXTA AREA51 Groom Lake [Area 51 (Dreamland, Homey Airport)], Nevada, US
CYOD YOD Cold Lake [Cold Lake/Group Captain R.W. McNair Airport (CFB Cold Lake)], Alberta, CA
CYDF YDF Deer Lake [Deer Lake Regional Airport], Newfoundland and Labrador, CA
KLCH LCH LCH Lake Charles [Lake Charles Regional], Louisiana, US
CYRL YRL Red Lake [Red Lake Airport], Ontario, CA
3CK Chicago/Lake In The Hills [Lake In The Hills Airport], Illinois, US
KNID NID China Lake [NAWS China Lake (Armitage Field)], California, US
KAIZ AIZ AIZ Kaiser/Lake Ozark [Lee C Fine Memorial Airport], Missouri, US
EGNC CAX Carlisle [Carlisle Lake District Airport], Cumbria, England, GB
SLLJ Laja [Laja Airport] Los Andes, La Paz, BO
SAWA ING Lago Argentino, Santa Cruz, AR

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