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No exact matches. Location codes 1-17 of 17 similar to HABSO:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
OINK Gonbad Ghabous, IR
KHOB HOB HOB Hobbs [Lea County Regional], New Mexico, US
HBB NM83 Hobbs [Industrial Airpark], New Mexico, US
MO62 Sheridan [Hibbs Farm Airport], Missouri, US
ID97 Greenleaf [Hibbs Airport], Idaho, US
KHII HII HII Lake Havasu City, Arizona, US
71AZ Lake Havasu City [Spawr Heliport], Arizona, US
9AZ2 Lake Havasu City [Sagebrush Trails Estates Airport], Arizona, US
AZ80 Lake Havasu City [Havasu Samaritan Regional Hospital Heliport], Arizona, US
LHSM SOB Sármellék (Saarmelleek) [Hévíz-Belaton Airport (Sármellék Intl)], Zala, HU
13CA Lake Arrowhead [M H 15 Heaps Peak USFS Heliport], California, US
86AK Big Lake [Hoppe's SPB], Alaska, US
VA41 Withams [High Hopes Airport], Virginia, US
6NE8 Benkelman [Hoppy's Airport], Nebraska, US
20IA Cumming [Hobbes Field], Iowa, US
NE81 Spencer [Huffy's Airport], Nebraska, US
FYHS Hobas, NA



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