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No exact matches. Location codes 161-180 of 241 similar to CO61:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
MYBT Cistern Cay [Cistern Field], Berry Islands, BS
MYAG Castaway Cay (Gorda Cay), Central Abaco, BS
2CA6 Los Angeles [K & T 660 Figueroa Partners Heliport], California, US
28NH New Boston [A and K Heliport], New Hampshire, US
0WI9 Oregon [McManus Hoonch-Na-Shee-Kaw Airport], Wisconsin, US
66TS Houston [KHOU-TV Heliport], Texas, US
19WA Stevenson [Key Way Airport], Washington, US
44LA Dry Creek [B T & K H Ranch Airport], Louisiana, US
(MUOC) Cayo Coco [Cayo Coco Airport], Ciego de Ávila, CU (Airport is no longer in operation)
7FA0 Key West [Florida Keys Memorial Hospital Heliport], Florida, US
28J Palatka [Muni - Lt Kay Larkin Field], Florida, US
HI33 Puhi [Haiku Airstrip], Kauai, Hawaii, US
7FA1 Key West [Sugar Loaf Shores Airport], Florida, US
CKC4 Calgary [K. Coffey Residence Heliport], Alberta, CA
4MA4 New Bedford [J K L Heliport], Massachusetts, US
CBN9 Tsay Keh [Tsay Keh Airport], British Columbia, CA
03TX Pearland [M D K Field Heliport], Texas, US
HI46 Puhi [Hawaii 23 Airstrip], Kauai, Hawaii, US
CGK2 Gahcho Kue Diamond Mine Project [Gahcho Kue Aerodrome], Northwest Territories, CA
26AR Searcy [Fly "N" K Airport], Arkansas, US

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