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No exact matches. Location codes 101-120 of 241 similar to CO61:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
WAPL LUV Langgur [Dumatubin], Kai Island, Maluku, ID
VTUG Chaiyaphum [Phu Khieo], Chaiyaphum, TH
LOIA Kitzbühel [Kitzbühel KH], Tirol, AT
LOAK Krems [Krems KH], Niederösterreich, AT
LFNO Florac [Ste-Enimie], K, FR
LFMW Castelnaudary [Villeneuve], K, FR
LFME Nîmes [Courbessac], K, FR
LOAO Oberpullendorf [Oberpullendorf KH], Burgenland, AT
MZCK CUK Caye Caulker [Caye Caulker Airport], Belize, BZ
LOAH Horn [Horn KH], Niederösterreich, AT
LFNW Puivert, K, FR
SIHO Itu [Kia], São Paulo, BR
KHX Kihihi [Savannah Airstrip (Kihihi Airstrip)], UG
LFNG Montpellier [Candillargues], K, FR
SANC CTC Catamarca, K, AR
GAKM Ke-Macina, Ségou, ML
NZJS Southland-Kew [Hospital Heliport], Southland, NZ
MYEB Black Point [Black Point Airport], Great Guana Cay, Exuma, BS
SIXS Prado [Barra do Cahy], Bahia, BR

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