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No exact matches. Location codes 61-80 of 241 similar to CO61:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
LFNX Bédarieux (La Tour-sur-Orb), K, FR
LOIT St. Johann in Tirol [St. Johann in Tirol KH], Tirol, AT
MYEN NMC Norman's Cay, Exuma, BS
LFMG Montagne Noire, K, FR
MYGD Deep Water Cay, East Grand Bahama, BS
NZTE Te Kowhai, Waikato, NZ
MYBG GHC Bullock Harbour [Great Harbour Cay], Great Harbour Cay, Berry Islands, BS
MBPI PIC Pine Cay [Pine Cay Airport], TC
NZET Te Kowhai [Te Kowhai East Aerodrome], Waikato, NZ
LOIE Reutte [Reutte KH], Tirol, AT
SIOH Ijaci [Cauê-Ijaci], Minas Gerais, BR
FBKR KHW Khwai River Lodge [Khwai River Airport], North-West, BW
MYAT TCB Treasure Cay, North Abaco, BS
VTBO TDX Trat (Khao Saming), Trat, TH
MYXA Fowl Cay, Exuma, BS
RKTY YEC Yechon [K 58], KR
MYLD LGI Deadman's Cay [Deadman's Cay Airport], Long Island, BS
LFTN Le Grande-Combe, K, FR
VEKW IXN Khowai, Tripura, IN
ZUNZ LZY Nyingchi (Linzhi, Kang-Ko, Milin) [Mainling], Tibet, CN

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