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No exact matches. Location codes 181-200 of 241 similar to CO61:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
FD51 Summerland Key [Summerland Key Cove Airport], Florida, US
42FL Marathon [Plantation Key SPB], Florida, US
6GE4 Hogansville [M K Field], Georgia, US
7NY5 Millbrook [State Police Troop K Heliport], New York, US
CEH2 Cu Nim, Alberta, CA
7CO9 Silverton [K2 Heliport Number 1a], Colorado, US
GC0100 Haeju [Haeju Airport (K-19)], South Hwanghae, KP
GC0046 Little Farmer's Cay [Farmer's Cay Airstrip], Exuma, BS
5W4 Raeford [P K Airpark], North Carolina, US
GC0112 Mirim-dong [Mirim Airport (Pyongyang East Airfield, K-24 Air Base)], KP
(SWL) Spanish Wells, St. George's Cay, Spanish Wells, BS (Metropolitan Area is no longer in operation)
CEU9 Sambaa K'e (Trout Lake) [Trout Lake Airport], Northwest Territories, CA
60TX Bellville [P-K Ranch Airport], Texas, US
0CO5 Kiowa [Lebeau Ranch Airport], Colorado, US
WN64 Ellensburg [J K D Farms Airport], Washington, US
CO18 Kiowa [Chaparral Airport], Colorado, US
8W9 Rochester [R & K Skyranch Airport], Washington, US
CEG9 Sambaa K'e (Trout Lake) [Trout Lake Water Aerodrome], Northwest Territories, CA
WT28 Clarkston [Kiwi Air Heliport], Washington, US
OR35 Boring [Flying K Bar J Ranch Airport], Oregon, US

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