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No exact matches. Location codes 81-94 of 94 similar to AYNY:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
1CN1 Santa Ana [Orange County Global Medical Center Heliport], California, US
MI32 Ann Arbor [UMMC Heliport], Michigan, US
0AR6 Hot Springs [Ami National Park Medical Center Heliport], Arkansas, US
SSJG Porto Murtinho [Fazenda Santa Ana], Mato Grosso do Sul, BR
SSRL Deodápolis [Fazenda Santa Ana], Mato Grosso do Sul, BR
IL07 Amboy [Taylor Airport], Illinois, US
88XA Anna [Tejas Stone Ranch Airport], Texas, US
SIWJ Santos [Parque Ana Costa], São Paulo, BR
FT04 Am-Dam [Am-Dam Airport], TD
42VG Virginia Beach [Sentara Princess Anne Heliport], Virginia, US
DNT Santa Ana [Downtown Heliport], California, US
JOC Santa Ana [Centerport Heliport], California, US
NZTX Lake Te Anau, NZ
SEAN Ana Maria, EC

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