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No exact matches. Location codes 41-60 of 94 similar to AYNY:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CYSZ Ste. Anne des Monts, Québec, CA
VYAN VBA Ann [Ann Airport], Rakhine, MM
RKD1 Pong Am Dong North R 802 [G 802], KR
AGGB BNY Anua [Bellona/Anua Airport], Bellona Island, Rennell and Bellona, SB
MSSA Santa Ana [El Palmar], Santa Ana, SV
ORAN An Numaniyah, IQ
NVVB AWD Aniwa, Taféa, VU
SQB Santa Ana, Valle del Cauca, CO
YANK Anna Creek, South Australia, AU
87CN Santa Ana [Honda of Santa Ana Heliport], California, US
ANH Anuha Island [Anuha Island Resort], Central, SB
AGW Agnew, Queensland, AU
VV03 Hai Phong (Haiphong) [Kien An], VN
50MD Grasonville [Queen Anne Er Heliport], Maryland, US
6CL7 Santa Ana [Orange Co. Sheriffs Forensics Lab Helistop], California, US
4M0 Traverse City [Lake Ann Airway Estates Airport], Michigan, US
SNHL Arujá [Ama], São Paulo, BR
48MD Princess Anne [Le Champ Airport], Maryland, US
20MD Annapolis [Anne Arundel Medical Center Heliport], Maryland, US
CDT3 Arichat [Arichat St. Anne Ladies Auxiliary Hospital Heliport], Nova Scotia, CA

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