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Location codes 1-20 of 29 for AHP:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
PAAP PTD AHP Port Alexander [Port Alexander SPB], Alaska, US
KATT MMR TX26 Austin [Camp Maybry AHP (National Guard)], Texas, US
EDEF Babenhausen [Babenhausen Airport (Babenhausen AHP)], Hessen, DE
ETEB Ansbach (Katterbach) [AHP], Bavaria, DE
ETED Kaiserslautern Depot AHP, Rhineland-Palatinate, DE
LQMG Camp McGovern [Camp McGovern AHP], BA
ETOY Leighton Barracks [AHP], Bavaria, DE
EDEZ ET25 Germersheim [Reserve Stor Activity AHP], Rhineland-Palatinate, DE
ETOA Schweinfurt [Schweinfurt AHP], Bavaria, DE
ETIP Landstuhl [Landstuhl AHP], Rhineland-Palatinate, DE
ETIY Landstuhl [Landstuhl Hospital AHP], Rhineland-Palatinate, DE
ORWH Washington [Washington AHP], IQ
ETEP Budingen [Budingen AHP], Hessen, DE
ETIE Heidelberg [AHP], Baden-Württemberg, DE
ED40 Stuttgart [Kelley Barracks AHP], DE
(EDIX) Schwäbisch Gmünd [Mutlangen AAF (Schwäbisch Gmünd AHP)], Baden-Württemberg, DE (Airport is no longer in operation)
(EDIF) Heilbronn [Heilbronn AHP], Baden-Württemberg, DE (Airport is no longer in operation)
(EDIQ) Herzogenaurach (Haundorf) [Herzo Base AHP], Bavaria, DE (Heliport is no longer in operation)
(EDEN) Bonames [Maurice Rose AAF / AHP], Hessen, DE (Heliport is no longer in operation)
ET35 Hammond Barracks [Hammond Barracks AHP], DE

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