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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 910'N 3645'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
HANK NEK Nekemte [Nekemte Airport], Oromia, ET (13 mi / 21 km SW)
HAFN FNH Fincha [Fincha Airport], Oromia, ET (50 mi / 80 km NE)
HABB XBL Bedele (Bunno Bedele, Buno Bedelle), Gambela Peoples', ET (56 mi / 90 km SW)
GHD Gimbi (Ghimbi), Oromia, ET (65 mi / 104 km W)
HANJ NEJ Nejo [Nejjo Airport], Oromia, ET (91 mi / 147 km W)
HAJM JIM Jimma [Aba Segud Airport (Jimma Airport)], Oromia, ET (103 mi / 166 km S)
HADM DBM Debra Marqos [Debra Marqos Airport], Amara, ET (104 mi / 168 km NE)
HAGR GOR Gore [Gore Airport], Oromia, ET (107 mi / 172 km SW)
HAMN NDM Mendi [Mendi Airport], Oromia, ET (120 mi / 193 km W)
MKD Chagni, Amara, ET (130 mi / 209 km N)
HAAL Addis Ababa [Lideta Airport], Addis Ababa, ET (135 mi / 218 km E)
HADD DEM Dembidollo [Dembidollo Airport], Oromia, ET (136 mi / 219 km W)
HAWC WAC Wacca [Wacca Airport], SNNPR, ET (140 mi / 226 km S)
HAAB ADD Addis Ababa [Bole Intl], Addis Ababa, ET (141 mi / 226 km E)
PWI Pawi [Beles Airport], Amara, ET (149 mi / 239 km N)
HAMO OTA Mota (Motta), Amara, ET (152 mi / 245 km NE)
HABE BEI Beica (Bega) [Beica Airport], Oromia, ET (153 mi / 246 km W)
HAHM Bishoftu (Debre-Zeit) [Harar Meda Airport], Oromia, ET (157 mi / 253 km E)
HASO ASO Asosa (Assosa) [Asosa Airport], Benshangul-Gumaz, ET (159 mi / 256 km W)
HAGM GMB Gambela, Gambela Peoples', ET (166 mi / 267 km SW)

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