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Location codes 81-100 of 200 near location 907'S 15952'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
AYTK RAB Kokopo (Rabaul) [Rabaul Airport (Tokua Airport)], East New Britain, PG (610 mi / 982 km NW)
ESA Esa'Ala, Milne Bay, PG (610 mi / 982 km W)
RAA Rakanda, East New Britain, PG (613 mi / 987 km NW)
NVSC SLH Sola, Vanua Lava Island, Banks Islands, Torba, VU (613 mi / 987 km SE)
NVSA MTV Ablow [Mota Lava], Mota Lava Island, Torba, VU (617 mi / 993 km SE)
NUT Nutuve, East New Britain, PG (618 mi / 995 km NW)
GOE Gonalia, East New Britain, PG (620 mi / 998 km NW)
AYJB JAQ Jacquinot Bay [Jacquinot Bay Airport], East New Britain, PG (621 mi / 999 km W)
SAM Salamo, Milne Bay, PG (621 mi / 1000 km W)
(AYRB) Rabaul [New Britain], East New Britain, PG (626 mi / 1007 km NW)
NVSQ ZGU Gaua Island, Banks Islands, Torba, VU (630 mi / 1013 km SE)
AYNX ATN Namatanai [Namatanai Airport], New Ireland, PG (633 mi / 1019 km NW)
DOI Doini, Milne Bay, PG (634 mi / 1020 km W)
SQT Samarai Island [China Strait], Milne Bay, PG (635 mi / 1023 km W)
OPB Open Bay, East New Britain, PG (636 mi / 1023 km NW)
IMA Iamalele, Milne Bay, PG (638 mi / 1027 km W)
LNQ Loani, Milne Bay, PG (641 mi / 1031 km W)
GRH Garuahi, Milne Bay, PG (645 mi / 1039 km W)
UVO Uvol, East New Britain, PG (647 mi / 1042 km W)
GC0087 Velit Bay [Velit Bay Airfield], Espiritu Santo Island, Sanma, VU (648 mi / 1043 km SE)

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