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Location codes 21-40 of 200 near location 907'S 15952'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
AGBT BPF Batuna [Batuna Airport], Vangunu Island, Western, SB (125 mi / 202 km W)
AGGV VAO Suavanao [Suavanao Airport], Santa Isabel Island, Isabel, SB (131 mi / 211 km NW)
AGGS EGM Seghe (Sege) [Seghe Airport], New Georgia Island, Western, SB (141 mi / 227 km W)
AGGB BNY Anua [Bellona/Anua Airport], Bellona Island, Rennell and Bellona, SB (150 mi / 242 km S)
AGAR RNA Arona [Ulawa Airport (Arona Airport)], Ulawa Island, Malaita, SB (152 mi / 245 km E)
AGVH VIU Viru [Viru Harbour Airstrip], New Georgia Island, Western, SB (155 mi / 249 km W)
AGRM RBV Ramata Island [Ramata Airport], Western, SB (165 mi / 266 km NW)
AGGK IRA Kirakira [Ngorangora], Makira Island, Makira-Ulawa, SB (166 mi / 267 km SE)
AGGR RNL Tingoa [Rennell/Tingoa Airport], Rennell Island, Rennell and Bellona, SB (167 mi / 268 km S)
RRI Barora, SB (176 mi / 283 km NW)
AGGM MUA Munda [Munda Airport], New Georgia Island, Western, SB (186 mi / 300 km W)
AGRC RIN Ringi Cove [Ringi Cove Airport (Vila Airport)], Kolombangara Island, Western, SB (198 mi / 319 km W)
AGKG KGE Kaghau Island (Kagau Island) [Kaghau Island Airport], Choiseul, SB (199 mi / 320 km NW)
AGGT NNB Santa Ana Island (Owaraha, Ghupuna) [Santa Ana Airport], Makira-Ulawa, SB (213 mi / 342 km SE)
AGKU KUE Kukundu (Kukudu), Kolombangara Island, Western, SB (213 mi / 344 km W)
AGGN GZO Gizo [Nusatupe Airport (Gizo Airport)], Ghizo Island, Western, SB (217 mi / 349 km W)
AGBA VEV Barakoma, Vella Lavella Island, Western, SB (232 mi / 373 km W)
AGEV GEF Geva (Liangia) [Geva Airport], Vella Lavella Island, Western, SB (248 mi / 398 km NW)
AGGC CHY Choiseul Bay [Choiseul Bay Airport], Taro Island, Choiseul, SB (290 mi / 466 km NW)
AGGE BAS Balalae [Balalae Airport], Shortland Island, Western, SB (309 mi / 498 km NW)

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