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ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KOSU OSU OSU Columbus [Ohio State University Airport], Ohio, US
KUNI ATO UNI Athens/Albany [Ohio University Airport], Ohio, US
KPKB PKB PKB Parkersburg [Mid-Ohio Valley Regional], West Virginia, US
KHLG HLG HLG Wheeling [Wheeling Ohio County Airport], West Virginia, US
KJQD JQD Hartford [Ohio County Airport], Kentucky, US
KHZY JFN HZY Ashtabula [Northeast Ohio Regional], Ohio, US
OH53 Columbus [Ohio Building Authority Heliport], Ohio, US
OH54 Columbus [Ohio State University Hospital Heliport], Ohio, US
6C2 Pandora [Ohio Dusting Co. Inc. Airport], Ohio, US
0NY3 Ohio [Kermizian Airport], New York, US
OH62 Portsmouth [Southern Ohio Regional Medical Center Heliport], Ohio, US
9OI5 East Liberty [Transportation Research Center of Ohio Airport], Ohio, US
PHNL HNL HNL Honolulu [Daniel K Inouye Intl], Oahu, Hawaii, US
ESGG GOT G÷teborg (Gothenburg) [Landvetter], O, SE
LFQQ LIL Lille [Lesquin], O, FR
PHNG NGF Kaneohe [Kaneohe Bay MCAS (Marion E Carl Field)], Oahu, Hawaii, US
PHIK HIK Honolulu [Hickam AFB], Oahu, Hawaii, US
SVMG PMV Porlamar [Del Caribe "General Santiago Mari˝o" Intl], Isla Margarita, O, VE
PHHI HHI HHI Wahiawa [Wheeler AAF Airport], Oahu, Hawaii, US
PHJR JRF JRF Kapolei [Kalaeloa Airport (John Rodgers Field, CGAS Barbers Point)], Oahu, Hawaii, US

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