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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 8118'N 11048'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CWIC Isachsen (MAPS), Nunavut, CA (195 mi / 313 km SE)
CYEU YEU Eureka, Nunavut, CA (293 mi / 472 km E)
CJQ6 Tanquary Fiord [Tanquary Fiord Airport], Nunavut, CA (349 mi / 561 km E)
CHKU Whiskey (MARS), Nunavut, CA (356 mi / 573 km E)
CYMD YMD Mould Bay, Prince Patrick Island, Northwest Territories, CA (367 mi / 591 km SW)
CYOX YOX Rea Point, Nunavut, CA (419 mi / 674 km S)
CJY2 Polaris [Little Cornwallis Island], Nunavut, CA (451 mi / 726 km SE)
CYLT YLT Alert [Alert Airport], Nunavut, CA (467 mi / 751 km NE)
CYGZ YGZ Grise Fiord [Grise Fiord Airport], Nunavut, CA (495 mi / 797 km SE)
CYRB YRB Resolute (Qausuittuq) [Resolute Bay Airport], Nunavut, CA (506 mi / 815 km SE)
BGSI SRK Siorapaluk [Siorapaluk Heliport], Qaasuitsup, GL (545 mi / 877 km E)
BGQQ NAQ Qaanaaq, Qaasuitsup, GL (574 mi / 924 km E)
BINP North Pole [Santa Claus Intl] (604 mi / 972 km N)
BGMO Moriussaq (Moriusaq) [Moriussaq Heliport], Qaasuitsup, GL (605 mi / 973 km E)
BGDU DUN Dundas, GL (628 mi / 1010 km E)
BGTL THU Pituffik (Dundas) [Thule AB], GL (631 mi / 1015 km E)
CWSY Sachs Harbour (MAPS), Northwest Territories, CA (681 mi / 1095 km SW)
CYSY YSY Sachs Harbour [Sachs Harbour (David Nasogaluak Jr. Saaryuaq) Airport], Northwest Territories, CA (681 mi / 1096 km SW)
YAB Arctic Bay [Arctic Bay Airport], Nunavut, CA (686 mi / 1104 km SE)
(CJX7) Arctic Bay [Arctic Bay Airport], Nunavut, CA (686 mi / 1104 km SE)

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